3 Online Dating Tips for Valentine’s Day 2015

For many, online dating is the go-to way to find dates. It is convenient, gives you more options and it works! Online dating is amazing and responsible for so many dates, relationships and even marriages. AsValentine’s Day approaches one thing fluttering around in your mind is probably, “I need to get a date”. No one likes to be alone on V-Day and thanks to  Flindey  you don’t have to. Here are 3 online dating tips to ensure you have a date for the fourteenth.

Visibility is Key

No matter what online dating site or sites you use, make sure that your profile says that you are logged on or available when you log on. Members of the site are going to be drawn to people that they know are online. You may think that selecting the invisible setting will not make a difference but it does. When you are online looking for singles don’t you gravitate towards the ones that are obviously online? Enough said.

Message, Message, Message

Whether you are a man or woman, when in search of a Valentine’s Day date you have to initiate contact. When you want something do not hesitate to go after it. In your message introduce yourself, break the ice and see where it goes from there. Chances are you are going to have a few dates scheduled before you know it.

Go On More Dates

Speaking of dates, if you want to enjoy a romantic evening on February 14, you have to date often in the upcoming weeks. You have to make those connections, meet the men/women you connected with online and see if there are sparks. Aim for 3-5 dates a week. Small dates like going out for coffee or drinks is fine. This tip is super effective because you are connecting with a variety of people which increases your chance of getting that Valentine’s Day date.

The tips above are super easy, very effective and are free of desperation. No one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day. For those who do not have a date yet, the internet is the way to go. Log on, start viewing profiles and go for what you want. You may even find love.


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