Four Steps To Success on Tinder

Four Steps To Success on Tinder



Your Photos and Profile


The best way to have success on tinder gold is to get a great set of profile photos. These should be well lit and professionally taken. They should show you inside and outside. They should have shots from below, and a straight up shot of your face. Don’t include any friends in your pictures because it’s confusing and it’s try hard.


Feel free to show some artsy or model type shots, but don’t overdo it because it also looks try hard. Try to include a picture or two of you smiling, or at least giving a cheeky smirk. Your photos will tell everything about you, so get them right.


Use An AutoLiker to Get Matches


There are several Tinder autolikers out there that you can use. These programs will connect to your tinder account and then start liking photos all day long. This will get you a ton of matches without you ever having to do anything.


The other option is to like everyone you see by just tapping the like button repeatedly. If you really have a lot of time on your hands then just select the people you find attractive, however the truth is you will be there for hours and it’s a huge waste of time. You don’t even know if you will end up being matched with them.


Have A Playful Intention


If you have your photos set up right then you should be getting tons of matches. Now you need to start your conversations off with a fun and playful intentions. Don’t be too serious or deep, this is a fun dating app and you should be having fun.


Don’t forget about your intention, she knows what you want and there’s no way around it. Don’t beat around the bush when you are talking, and make sure she knows that you find her attracting and want to move things forward. As soon as you feel like you are having a good interaction with her, get the phone number and move off the app.


Get Her Out


When you have the number, arrange a date as soon as possible. Its okay to have some light conversations and pleasantries, however setup the date as soon as you can. Set a time yourself and ask if that time is good. Then it’s just a matter of time before you are on your first tinder date.


Don’t get upset or annoyed if things don’t work out. You may be talking and she leaves suddenly. You may get her number and never hear from her. You may even set a date and she never arrives. Or you may go on the date and it doesn’t work out. This is how the dating world is, you have to accept it and move on to the next opportunity.

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