Hillary Duff & Tinder-Why She Chose Tinder for Influence.

Hillary Duff & Tinder-Why She Chose Tinder for Influence.

 The Tinder world has taken more and more celebrities on more joy rides, than a Sunday morning church outing. Tinder has taken off, not only because of it’s a “dating” app, which you can essentially “swipe” left to not like, and right, to like. But, as the months progress, celebrities such as James Franco, Dave Franco, and a few others to name, is using this app, to actually find dates. The new culprit of 2015 is Hilary Duff. Everyone knows her to be recently divorced with ex-NHL player; Mike Comrie. With every divorce, breakup or split, the “rebounding” nature, comes to life. Yes, we’ve all done it, and can’t say you haven’t once or twice. But this time, it wasn’t for that with Hilary. It was to grab a slice of pizza, and to influence her music video.

As of late, Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff affirmed that she is in fact doing an entire webinar on swiping with the universally adored dating application/ bar past time: Tinder. Yet, not just is she searching for adoration on the unimaginably well-known systems administration application, she's additionally utilized her Tinder experiences to frame an account behind the music feature for her most recent single, Sparks. The whole thing with Tinder is to actually see who you can ‘hook’ up with. In Duff’s defense, it was to show how Tinder should be used, and how to take advantage of positive outlooks on life.

You can only gather experiences with this type of thing. You can only see what others are wanting in life; a spark. This is why Hilary has gone with Tinder. Not only to see what it’s like to get a spark with a random, but to see how to approach those types of situations. However, her influence had come at the right time. If you watch her new cover “Spark” Hilary, shows a few dates in the music video. It was to depict her nature as a human being.

But if you think of it, how much did Facebook really pay her? Was this a stunt to get the popular Tinder, more attractive for people, who don’t have the app? Or was it to really see how far can Facebook take it? Only time will tell. 

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