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Like every year, lots of people took part in the “abordaje” (all board) that was celebrated this Monday (August 12th 2017) in San Sebastian. As usual, the atmosphere there was amazing, full of travelers having fun and partying. There were more than 200 boats this year.
The organizers of this event were a little worried because there was a possibility that a “galerna” would come. A galerna is a type of storm which is caused by the windy weather. This was the reason why all the boats stayed in the seaport, to make sure everyone was safe during the celebration. The “galerna” didn’t happen anyway, luckily.
In this celebration all the participants are dressed like pirates, and they start their journey to Concha Beach.

Usually the event would last 35 minutes but many “pirates” tried to stay longer. The funniest part is to stay chilling in the water, while enjoying some delicious drinks.
The weather was excellent for the occasion; it was a hot day (86 degrees Fahrenheit), so the participants were preparing their boats since the morning.

Everyone who goes to this celebration is prepared to party. Have you ever gone to a celebration like this one? What expectations would you have? Many people go with the intention of flirting and making friends. Do you think it’s possible to find the man or woman of your dreams in such a big party? It’s said that everything’s possible.

The “Abordaje” is just one of the many parties that you can go during the “Semana Grande” (Great week).

The Semana Grande (Aste Nagusia) lasts from August 12 to 19, 2017. The celebrations in San Sebastian offer many kinds of activities for adults, teenagers and kids: traditional games, stage plays, fireworks, concerts, gastronomic experiences, and the bullfighting “fiesta”.

The Semana Grande begins with the traditional "Cañonazo”. And the most iconic moments is when thousands of “pirates” arrive to La Concha Beach.

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